Google Honoree Lydia Tin Ha Sum Was A Star In Singapore Due To Her Sitcom

Google Honoree Lydia Tin Ha Sum Was A Star In Singapore Due To Her Sitcom

Google Doodle honors Lydia Tin Ha Sum, one of Hong Kong’s most loved comedians. This Chinese star is perhaps best known for her appearance in Living with Lydia, the hit sitcom that airs in Singapore.

This heart-warming doodle follows Lydia through all phases of her life, as well as her occupation. She is sporting her trademark temporary hairstyle and dark-rimmed glasses.

On Lydia’s 77th Birthday, the July twenty-first Google Doodle is released.

Lydia Tin Ha Sum also starred in hit sitcoms from Singapore

Lydia was a successful entrepreneur. She was beloved as a comedian, but she was also admired for her acting abilities.

She is best known for her roles in the It’s a Mad Mad, Mad Mad, Mad World franchise. Double Fattiness (1988) and A Recipe for the heart (1997). She is Chinese but she also starred in a successful Singaporean sitcom.

Her position in Living With Lydia made her a well-respected star, not only in Asia but also in North America.

Living With Lydia aired on Channel 5 between 2001 and 2005.

Lydia depicted Lydia Lum, a Hong Kong-based restaurateur who is a widowed mother with two children. She moves to Singapore after her Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong gets poisoned.

The current was not only broadcast in Singapore, but also in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States.

Google Doodle honors Chinese actress on her 77th birthday

Google Doodle of July Twentieth celebrates the actress. She’s affectionately called “Fei Fei” in Cantonese, which means “Fat Fat” in Cantonese).

Lydia was born in Shanghai in 1945. At a young age, she began her show business career at Shaw Brothers Studio in Hong Kong. This was the largest manufacturing company in Hong Kong at the time.

In 1967, her breakout spot was here when she was a solid performer in the most popular current called ” Enjoy Yourself Tonight”.

Her completely different break-out spot was found in the 1973 film ” The House of 72 Tenants,” which chronicles the lives of tenants living in a rundown condominium.

It was a film that surpassed all others, and it topped Hong Kong’s subject office in 1973.

Among others, you can find her completely different roles in Gei wo yige wen (1968), Yu san feng (68), A Talented Lady(68), The Land of Many Perfumes/1968), The Great Singer (1967), Yu nu de mi mi mi (1967), Don’t Call Me Uncle (1975), and The Wandering Life (1975).

Canada has a Fei Fei Day to honor the comedian

Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada started honoring June 1 as Fei Fei day in 2008. Joyce Cheng, the granddaughter of the late Lydia Shum was there with Mayor Sam Sullivan.

The day was declared by Mayor Sullivan in Vancouver on February 26, 2008, one week after Lydia’s death.

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