Erika Wulff Jones Images On Twitter, Wife Of Alex Jones Exposed By Sandy Hook’s Lawyer


A Sandy Hook lawyer representing a sufferer’s dad and mother revealed that Alex Jones despatched him nude pictures of his partner, Erika Wulff Jones. 

Alex James is an American conservative, alt-right, and far-right conspiracy theorist and a radio host. He was born in Dallas, Texas, to a dentist father and a housewife mother. He is of Irish, German, English, Welsh, and Comanche descent.

James is the proprietor of the conspiracy precept web page It promotes conspiracy theories and fake info. In addition, he hosts The Alex Jones Show, which the Genesis Communications Network syndicates all through the United States and on-line.

Last week, he misplaced a defamation trial filed by Sandy Hook Elementary School school college students’ dad and mother as he claimed that the massacre in no way occurred. He has been ordered to pay $49 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

Quick Facts

Full NameAlexander Emerick Jones
Date of BirthFebruary 11, 1974
Place of BirthDallas, Texas
SpouseErika Wulff Jones(m 2007), Kelly Jones(2007- 2015)
Known ForConspiracy theorist and proprietor of

Erika Wulff Jones Images On Twitter

Alex Jones reportedly sent nude images of his partner Erika Wulff Jones to political advertising and marketing marketing consultant Roger Stone sooner than it reached a lawyer representing the dad and mother of a child killed throughout the Sandy Hook Elementary School capturing. As a end result, Twitter is in the mean time full of people mocking and criticizing the conspiracy theorist Mr. Jones. 

Alex Jones reportedly sent nude photos of his wife Erika Wulff Jones to his lawyer.
Alex Jones reportedly despatched nude footage of his partner Erika Wulff Jones to his lawyer. ( Source :
Twitter )

Attorney Mark Bankston, the marketing consultant of the dad and mother of a sufferer of the capturing, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, confirmed that the intimate {photograph} was among the many many info unintentionally despatched to him by Jones’ lawyer.

The info has unfold wildly on the internet at present, and the far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been beneath lots criticism not too way back.

Speaking with The Young Turks, Mr. Bankston acknowledged, “I’m a little concerned about it because that intimate photo was sent to Roger Stone, and I don’t know if that was consensual.” But, he added, “And if it wasn’t consensual, Mrs. [Erika] Wulff Jones should know about that.”

Wife Of Alex Jones Exposed By Sandy Hook’s Lawyer

Erika Wulff Jones has been within the midst of a big scandal following the revelation of her nude {photograph} being despatched to Roger Stone by her husband, Alex Jones.

Sandy Hook lawyer Mark Bankston, who represented a sufferer’s dad and mother, revealed that Jones despatched the photographs to the political advertising and marketing marketing consultant Mr. Stone, who forwarded them to him. 

On his current, Jones accepted that there was a unadorned {photograph} of his partner that he despatched her. He acknowledged, “So, my wife looks pretty good. The point is, there is one naked picture of my wife, so that’s what they got! No d–k pics, no nothing.”

Mrs. Jones has not spoken regarding the matter however. Her response on the issue and whether or not or not the picture was consensually despatched or not stays to be acknowledged. 

48-year-old Alex Jones, who had claimed that the Sandy Hook School massacre was a false flag operation and in no way really occurred, misplaced his defamation trial remaining week. He has been ordered to pay $49 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

Did Erika Wulff Jones Divorce Alex Jones? 

No, Erika Wulff Jones has not divorced her husband, Alex Jones. However, she is however to speak on the matter and has not launched an official assertion.

Alex was beforehand married to Kelly Jones. The two are dad and mother of three kids. However, the marriage resulted in divorce in March 2015. The divorce and the custody of the children have been controversial as Kelly sought sole custody of their kids attributable to Alex’s behaviors. 

Jones married Erika Wulff in 2017. The couple is the dad and mother of a child. Until now, no marriage friction has been reported throughout the media. So, plainly the couple is on good phrases, till now. But, what happens to their relationship after the nude {photograph} controversy stays to be seen.

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