Dylan Schumaker Still In Prison? Father Killed 23-Month-Old Toddler Son Unintentionally Faces 25 Years In Jail


Dylan Schumaker was found guilty by an indictment jury back in January of 2014 for murdering Austin Smith, the kid of his girlfriend. He received the most severe punishment of life imprisonment for 25 years.

The teen was taken care of by Schumaker as his girlfriend worked in an Springville restaurant. The time that Dylan Schumaker killed Austin Smith at the age of 16, he was only 16 years older.

The child was repeatedly punched and brutally whipped in the head prior to dying. The blood vessels burst as a result of this, which results in inside thoughts to flow.

Where is Dylan Schumaker Now?

In the New York’s Clinton Prison, Dylan Schumaker is currently serving a life sentence of 25 years in connection with the death of Ashlee Smith’s infant son Austin.

In prison for life, Dylan Schumaker will in the event of a parole hearing, be eligible to launch in 2031.

Dylan wept and confessed to the mother of the sufferer and to the jury in the course of trial that he had no intention to murder Austin. He was acquitted by the Supreme Court and Ashlee, who declared him responsible for the murder, rejected his defense.

Schumaker was found to be guilty and was sentenced to the most severe that could be imposed: a 25-year time period. State supreme court docket judge, M. William Boller said the trial was “heartbreaking,” leading to an interval of 25 years for a teenager American.

Boller said that one is able to recognize right and incorrect at the age of 16. Boller observed the fact that Dylan Schumaker knew exactly what was going to happen if he punched the child.

Dylan Schumaker Still In Prison

Dylan Schumaker is in the currently incarcerated in the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York State and will be eligible to be paroled in 2031.

The docket for the appeals court docket reduced Dylan Schumaker’s life sentence to life in the month of February. Since the resolution reduced the sentence by 18 years, Schumaker is able to be eligible for release once he has completed the 18 years.

If he is allowed to go unfastened He’ll live the remainder of his time under state surveillance. The court to question Schumaker through the trial on whether or not did he intend to kill Austin or thought that it wouldn’t be accomplished through repeatedly assaulting Austin.

Dylan Schumaker claimed that at the moment the only thing he’s able to do is cry and be a bit numb about the actions was done. Another thing that was highlighted was Schumaker’s conversation and the text messages sent to his girlfriend, while keeping the tally of Austin and his brother.

A Medical Certificate For Austin Smith

The health worker came from this incident an understanding that child’s injuries were not caused through a slip and fall however, they were largely caused by a number of head injuries.

The new evidence that included text showed that Austin began inflicting injuries spherical after 5:00 and continued to move throughout the evening.

The child’s severe neurological injury that the health employee discovered didn’t permit a prolonged life and ultimately led to his death.

The evidence revealed that Austin was continuously attacked as the communications were being sent.

The evidence suggests that the 16-year-old Schumaker took part in numerous professional and social endeavours together with|activities, in addition to|actions, including} abuse of the child.

Dylan Schumaker Girlfriend: Where is Ashlee Smith?

Ashlee Smith along with her partner Dylan Schumaker reside and work on Cochran Avenue. Then, in Springville, Ashlee works at the restaurant.

Dylan the boyfriend of Ashlee was watching her 23-month-old daughter when Dylan fatally beat him.

Austin’s head was struck by the pillow in the wake of Schumaker’s assertion of his attempt to prevent his crying and wake his brother who was sleeping.

You can see how much of my feelings about Austin, Schumaker sobbed as he was brought into the courtroom to be sentenced. I did not suggest that he hurt Schumaker.

According to the testimony of the defendant throughout his trial during his trial, when Austin was throwing his breakfast away and shouted the word “expletive” Schumaker hit him with a spank and hit him on the face.

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