Don’t Worry If You’re Not Getting Credit; Don’t Get Discouraged If People Don’t Thank You— Osteen


Don’t Worry If You’re Not Getting Credit; Don’t Get Discouraged If People Don’t Thank You— Osteen, #Dont #Worry #Youre #Credit #Dont #Discouraged #People #Dont #Osteen::

The problems with unrespectfulness and the lack of acknowledgement of your achievements or efforts could disappoint. This situation could cause believers to be less motivated or discourage their efforts but it’s a good reason not to be discouraged or influenced. In this regard, Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church has posted a post from his Twitter verified website about why believers should not be discouraged or pushed aside even when they don’t seem to be recognized for their doing good things.

The cleric has shared his thoughts with the congregation who has weighed with the words, believers shouldn’t fret about it if they’re not receiving the credit score they need to rate. Don’t get discouraged if people do not thank you. It’s because God recognizes your sacrifice. If you offer, God gives you more. If you give someone a favour He will show you more favour in return, which is more which is greater than what you’ve received in the initial time.

God is the one who rewards those who seek God’s will and are well, regardless of the rebuke they may face on the other side of their great actions.

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