Does Drummer Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans Have A Wife? Facts On His Partner Arran J Rees


In the evening news, North West Tonight Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans was married to Arran J. Rees. He’s a drummer and successful and has many interests and skills.

His birth date was the 9th of March 1984 located in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, Wales, and has been born 38 years ago.

In addition to his work on television, he’s also known for his drumming as well as his social media advocacy and LGBTQ issues. He’s also the Patron of the LGBT Foundation. LGBT Foundation.

The 38-year-old is open about his support for the LGBTQ community and has also expressed his displeasure with homophobic hate via Twitter for his air-based persona.

Does Drummer Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans Have A Wife?

Arran Rees and Owain Wyn Evans have been married in the meantime. They were engaged to Arran during a trip to Las Vegas in 2013 when she was engaged at an engagement at Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

In a sweet tweet, they announced their wedding plans and shared a photo of them holding hands and flashing their wedding bandanas.

We’re exhausted, Owain wrote. Keep an eye on us! Also, thank you for your ideas. You’re awesome. My dear friend @ArranJRees wishes that I had a beautiful day. I even included an emoji that represents an engagement ring with diamonds.

Owain admitted his 2014 admission “I’ve said I have children in Arran. We’re looking forward to pursuing it at the appropriate time. It doesn’t matter if it was male or female the issue wouldn’t be important to us. A large number of children have to be adopted.

Partner Arran J Rees- Are They Married?

Owain Wyn Evans has engaged to Arran J. Rees in 2013, the couple later got the ring. Since they got married they have been content as a couple.

The main attraction of the wedding was a Welsh cake. “You ought to have seen how many Welsh cakes there were,” Owain said. There were only 160 people who showed up the evening before, even though we cooked meals for 500. It was a commonplace event and a vital part of our daily lives.

The newlyweds wanted their families to make their celebrations warm, however, they nearly lost their lives in their Pice bach.

Family members were asked to assist in our Welsh finishing touches. Owain remarked.

Arran is a journalist who is gay and gained fame because of his relationship with Evans.

Owain Wyn Evans Net Worth And Salary

One of the most wealthy and most famous journalists is Owain Wyn Evans. Wikipedia, Business Insider, and Forbes all put the figure of Owain Wyn Evans his net worth around $1.5 million.

In addition, he worked as a presenter, reporter as well as a videographer for BBC Wales. The drummer started providing the current weather for the local area on BBC Wales Today in 2012.

Evans offered local weather forecasts from 2012 and 2015. The forecasts were for several BBC countries and regions including BBC Reporting Scotland, BBC London along with BBC Spotlight.

In 2015, the 38-year-old started working for the BBC Look North local weather and data, presenter team. In September the journalist was named the BBC’s North West Tonight’s primary local weather reporter.

Evans is credited with creating short-form video forecasts for the platform for sharing videos on Vine in 2013, as well as for their popularity through social media.

He made a difference during his professional life and amassed an impressive fortune.

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