Best Sims 4 Custom Content (CC)

Best Sims 4 Custom Content (CC)

For the majority of Sims 4 players, new packs and enlargements do not only provide fresh, playable content materials but also provide personalized materials. This means that with each expansion to the game’s underside you will get new clothing and worlds, as well as builds and more. But the new content materials aren’t as extensive as the game itself. Many gamers search online for more custom content (CC) which completely diverse creators develop and release on the market. There are tons of amazing content materials that can be used in your Sims and designs. This is the information you need about the top Sims 4 personalized content material materials (CC) which you’ll require right now.

What are the Best Sims 4 Custom Content CC for PC?

Below are a few of the essential personal Sims 4 content material materials (CC) that you’ll have to download on your computer right now.


If you’re searching for furniture that is personalized and you need to use to create unique or fashionable, then we suggest these customized content material products that are built.

  • BAFROOM by Felixandresims & Harrie
  • KICHEN by Felixandresims & Harrie
  • TINY TWAVELLERS by Felixandresims & Harrie
  • Shop The Look by Harrie
  • Spoons – Part 3 by Harrie
  • Octave Collection – Part 3 by Harrie
  • Gatsby Set by Harrie
  • Georgian Set by Harrie
  • Home Office Kit by Illogical Sims’
  • Snowy Escape Plus by Illogical Sims’
  • Hinterlands Living – Country-Style by Peacemaker
  • Adirondack Love Part 2 by Peacemaker
  • Kitayama Bedroom by Peacemaker


If you’re looking to locate all the clothes hair, clothes, and more. You must take advantage of to create your Sims fashionable or unique, then we recommend the use of these customized content material products. It is possible to get the whole set of items and combine and match them for satisfaction.

  • Thrift Shop set by sims trouble
  • ladies by Arethabee
  • Energia Set by Ana
  • Euphoria in the woods of talking timber
  • Amethyst Set by Ana
  • The November 2021 collection by Arethabee
  • magic in the talking forest
  • Slavic attract by jolie bean and clumsyalienn
  • gorgeous and wild by Arethabee
  • sunbeam by Arethabee
  • Nuage Set by Ana
  • Cottage Living add-ons by grim cookies
  • Hijab Hair by Aan Hamdan Simmer93


If you’re searching for personal hairstyles you need to take advantage of to ensure that your Sims have a few stylish and fashionable hairstyles, we suggest the use of these content material materials that are personalized to your hairstyles.

  • CO by simstrouble
  • Men’s Season (Hair Collection) by JohnnySims
  • Hair Dump by grimcookies
  • Thrive Braids by EbonixSims
  • Rebirth by EbonixSims
  • LUNA HAIR by MiikoCC
  • Hair of Clementine by the name of okruee
  • MARLA from simstrouble
  • MIRELA from simstrouble
  • Bordeaux hair by the name of okruee
  • Hair Blair by MiikoCC
  • SADIE by simstrouble

Skin and Makeup

If you’re looking for customized pores and pores makeup and skin fixes that you need to take advantage of to ensure that the most of your Sims have a couple choices that are both good and less expensive options, we recommend these customized material content options for pores and pores and makeup.

  • EYEBROW SET 1 by Adiec
  • Face Moles by Sebastian Victorian
  • 3D Lashes Version2 by KIJIKO
  • skinblend that has been jaded by sunlitcrys
  • Whisper Eyes by dangerouslyfreejellyfish
  • EYEBROW PACK 01 + 02 by StretchSkeleton
  • Simple Freckles by theawkweirdsimmer
  • Retired Skin Information by Faaeish
  • Reseda Eyebrows N129 by Pralinesims
  • Natural Wing Liner N36 by Pralinesims
  • [ Charming ] – Lip Colour by Screaming Mustard
  • Lillian Blush by Elliandra
  • Flushed Blush by Elliandra


If you’re searching for new items to use to create your Sims look more attractive and outfitted, then we recommend the use of these customized content material equipment.

  • Jane Earrings by EnriqueS4
  • DIY Nose Piercing Set by Pralinesims
  • Rascal Earrings created by Christopher067
  • round rattan earrings by alexaarr
  • Pinnacle Earrings from Christopher067
  • Valentine Set by EnriqueS4
  • Saturn Earrings by Christopher067
  • S-Club WMT ts4 bracelet 201701L by S-Club
  • Bushel Necklace by Christopher067


If you’re looking to find new outfits to use to ensure that your Sims look more fashionable and outfitted for any occasion, then we recommend these personalised clothing materials for content material.

  • DECEMBER 2021 COLLECTION by Sentate
  • Merry Christmas by Sentate
  • Get Festive by Serenity and Joliebean
  • Trophy Wife Dress by Joliebean
  • PAPER PLANE T-SHIRT – PART 1 by Trillyke
  • The 2020 Collaboration by Sentate X Trillyke
  • Spring/Summer 2021 Collection by Sentate
  • Renaissance mini Robe by MiikoCC


If you’re searching for new clothes that you need to take advantage of to ensure that your Sims appear more stylish and outfitted for any occasion, then we recommend these customized content material footwear.

  • Vacation Collection Part 2 by JIUS-SIMS
  • Christmas Collection Part 1 by JIUS-SIMS
  • INCHEON SNEAKERS by Trillyke
  • Party Collection Part 2 by JIUS-SIMS
  • pixicat’s zits and clover boots by pixicat

How to Install Sims 4 CC?

If you’ve figured out what kind of customized CC you need You might be wondering what is the best method to organize the identical within your game. If you’re not aware of how to organize and use the mods that you have to get, this is the complete guide you’ll have to be aware of.

  • Get CC on your computer
  • In the meantime, unzip compressed folders.
  • You can drag the .bundle recordsdata or an unzipped folder containing .bundle recordsdata through your Sims 4 “Mods” folder
  • Follow this way to locate your Sims 4 mods folder – The Sims 4/Mods/Documents/Electronic Arts/Mods
  • Then, you can start playing and then go on to the Options menu.
  • Check the ” Enable Custom Content and Mods
    You can find it in the Game Settings > Other
  • Start your game right now and check the Mods pop-up to determine if your personal materials for content have been included.

These are our recommendations of some of the top Sims 4 personalized content material content CC you’ll wish to have. If you’re looking to have an enjoyable playing this game, then take a look at the following Sims 4 tutorials.

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