Austin Shirley Death From An Accident, Greenville Man Dies In Crash While Trying To Avoid Police


South Carolina Highway Patrol tales of a Greenville man who died in an accident while trying to evade police.

According to the office of the coroner, Austin Chandler Shirley, 28, from Greenville was killed when his vehicle veered off the road and hit an oak tree.

Austin Shirley’s Demise Resulted From An Accident

Austin Shirley, 28, died in a single-vehicle crash just minutes after the time of 10 p.m. Thursday, along Highway 25 North, merely within Ware Shoals the city limits.

He was driving at a rapid pace along Highway 25 in Ware Shoals according to the office of the coroner. Austin was travelling towards the east when he crossed over into the southbound lane, sped off the shoulder and struck the tree.

Shirley was killed on the spot according to that of the office for coroners. In the words of South Carolina Highway Patrol, the South Carolina Highway Patrol reported that a Greenville man was killed in an accident while trying to escape police. ( Source:
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A website for assistance, ” Justice For Austin” was developed by his sister Kaytlin who believes that Honea path police were responsible for his or her death.

Eddie Raines was involved in an automobile accident that occurred in Greenwood County along with Shirley. According to the website the driver was pursued by the Honeya Path police officers, who strayed outside their area of jurisdiction and pursued at speeds of 100 mph in accordance with law.

She admitted “the police officers should have backtracked and backed off, but they did not. It was pouring rain that night and my brother was struck 3 times, before he lost his control and ended up in a tree in which he passed away from injuries from blunt force.”

Eddie the younger brother, was able to survive the collision. Her 28-year-old brother Austin was not as fortunate.

Austin Shirley Is A Greenville Man Who Died In Crash

Austin Shirley is a Greenville man who died in a car crash following an attempt to flee law enforcement officers in Ware Shoals. The police attempt to claim that he hit them, however his sister believes in an other incident.

She admitted that it was a mistake for his decision to run away from police. However, instead of checking him, the police sat within the median and examined the truck of the policeman first.

They then screamed through the whole time all the way to the vehicle saying “Come out in a group and hold your arms raised, whereas the car was burning.

Kaytlin must watch the dash footage and hold the office accountable for what happened. Every single one of us fights against demons each and every single day, however it does not mean we have to be able to die in the same way as it was.

“Nobody can be perfect. I just want justice for my brother,” she wrote. “I just wish my brother would receive justice. The police officers certainly did not talk about two people in the car , nor did they mention adding Shirley.

According to her, they’re trying to cover the issue. In addition, she claims that the office was not licensed for a PIT tactic.

Austin Shirley Obituary

Austin Shirley died in a car crash that occurred two months earlier two months earlier in Ware Shoals. The police stories mentioned that he smashed into an oak tree as he tried to escape cops.

But his sister believes that her brother’s death was because of regulation enforcement officers’ negligence. He was hit by the police car three times and was in line with her and then he lost his balance, fell into the tree and died from the injuries.

Let his soul rest in peace in the heavens. We offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends who are mourning his loss.

Kaytlin expressed her gratitude for his father on the two-month anniversary of his death, and wrote “she is so sad for him that she’d give anything for the chance to listen to his voice and to see his smile come back.”

“There isn’t any day that passes by without you not on my mind. I’d do everything to have you in this moment. I would have risked my life to protect yours.”

“Words aren’t enough to express how devastated I am that you’re no more with us. I’ve often wondered why you needed to go to the end of the road however, when I think about it, I am sure you’re not suffering anymore,” she continued.

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