Angry TikTok Customers Declare Their Account Was ‘Banned For No Reason


In the last 24 hours, a lot of TikTookay customers have taken to Twitter to say that their account was shut down without a single reason. little.

The app typically suspends accounts when the account does not comply with the guidelines for community members that define allow you to do and not be able to post on TikTookay.

There are sections that deal with minor safety, dangers and threats, nudity as well as bullying, sexy ways and many other topics.

However, users are saying they didn’t violate the rules of Community Guidelines the least bit and have been denied access to their accounts suspended in error.

TikTookay accounts have been banned without reason

After logging in to the app this week numerous TikTookay users have received an error message saying the account has been banned.

“Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines,” the pop-up warning states.

When trying to log in the system then states “your account was currently suspended,” and users aren’t able to access their profiles even the slightest bit.

Many users who have had their accounts banned are stating that they do not by any means post or make comments and only use the app to view moving images.

It’s primarily TikTookay customers across the United States who’re reporting the inappropriate suspensions.

One particular user has written: “I just got banned on TikTok for no reason like I literally don’t even post.”

“So my TikTok was banned without reason. I abide by the rules as well. My content included Animal crossings or my artwork. I tried to log on through the internet, and it stated that it was suspended.” said one other.

A third person said: “Did anyone else be randomly banned from TikTok? I don’t make comments I only watch videos.”

“My TikTok account was banned for no reason. Can someone help me resolve this? ?” one other individual tweeted.

TikTok hasn’t yet responded.

A lot of people are tweeting from the support account on the TikTok account in order to find some solutions regarding what’s happening, but haven’t had any luck.

When it was time to script this, the application hasn’t yet addressed the concerns of accounts being banned and it’s unclear whether this is an error.

GRV Media has reached out to TikTookay to inquire about their comments but hasn’t received a response, however.

What do you do if your account has been banned?

If you think that your account was not banned correctly You’ll be able to request an request for an enchantment.

To accomplish this:

  1. Look for the message within the inbox of your TikTookay inbox.
  2. Click the alert.
  3. Tap Submit an enchantment.
  4. Follow the steps given.

Be sure to check the app often because TikTookay may increase your ban at any moment.

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