Agua Fresca: Gracie Norton Spa Water Girl Viral TikTok Video Exposed

Agua Fresca: Gracie Norton Spa Water Girl Viral TikTok Video Exposed

A viral video of Gracie Norton making a drink she often known as spa water has obtained an infinite backlash on Tiktok after it was revealed that the drink was the reality a traditional mild Latin beverage.

Viewers have been quick to notice that the drink the influencer claimed was her recipe was a rip-off of a popular beverage. And consequently, the online went proper right into a frenzy, as hate suggestions directed at the 24-year-old and her ignorance have been written by a whole bunch of people, rather a lot that, her profile has now been deleted.

Agua Fresca: Gracie Norton Spa Water Girl Viral TikTok Video Exposed

Tiktok influencer Gracie Norton is in the midst of infinite criticism after she posted motion pictures of the place she shared the recipe for her new drink “Spa Water,” which is, the reality, a popular Mexican drink commonly known as Agua Fresca.

Viewers have been quick to ascertain the drink that Norton made was the reality is a couple of hundred years outdated recipe that’s frequent amongst people in Latin America. Soon, Norton was in the midst of an infinite backlash over her ignorance and the improper naming of the drink.

The backlash was so monumental that the influencer posted a video with a prolonged apology regarding the matter. She sincerely apologized to the Latin group that she offended by wrongly naming the drink and acknowledged that its origin belongs to the Latin group.

So rather a lot offense was taken by prospects on Tiktok that her profile was reported and consequently, she is now banned from the app. Her profile, @gracie_norton consisting of 549.3K followers and 5.8M likes has been deleted.

The 24-year-old must be regretting that she ever posted that video without doing once more evaluation on the establishment and the origin of the drink. 

What Is Agua Fresca aka Spa Water?

Agua Fresca is a lightweight non-alcoholic beverage constructed from a variety of fruits, flowers, cereals, or seeds blended with sugar and water. The ice is added to the water/fruit mix inside the pitcher to sit back. 

The time interval Agua Fresca is derived from Spanish. Agua means water and fresco indicate cool, subsequently the literal derivation of the drink’s establish is cool water. Usually, Aguas Frescas are provided by highway distributors, nevertheless could be current in consolation outlets, juice bars, and consuming locations.

Gracie Norton is coping with monumental criticism after her declare that she invented the drink and named it Spa water, a drink which, in response to her, one can sip whereas inside the spa.

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Who is Gracie Norton Spa Water Girl?

Gracie Norton is a social media influencer who obtained right here to prominence for being the girlfriend of British auto racing driver Jack Harvey. Recently, she is nicknamed the Spa Water lady by netizens.

Norton is a model who has appeared for a variety of producers, magazines, and modeling companies in her career. She was born and raised in Mooresville, Indiana.

By a take a look at her Instagram, it might be guessed that she started courting Harvey in a minimal of 2020. There are many photographs of the British racecar driver, indicating that they’re in a relationship.

Following the backlash of the Spa Water video, Norton’s TikTok profile seems to have been deleted. However, her Instagram profile, @gracie_norton, with 80K followers nonetheless stays intact. 

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