Who Is Sierra Hibbert Warner Robins Ga? Charges As Georgia Woman Rams Byron Police Car

Who Is Sierra Hibbert Warner Robins Ga? Charges As Georgia Woman Rams Byron Police Car

Sierra Hibbert was arrested in Byron after hitting a police car and driving recklessly. A small child was riding in the backseat of her SUV.

Officers were searching for an SUV driving in the wrong direction on Highway 42 in Byron. Witnesses stopped Sierra’s car at the intersection of Highways 49 and 42. Police said that they tried to speak to the driver, but she refused to communicate with them.

To stop her from driving away, they placed stop sticks underneath her tires. According to a press release, the driving force hit a car together with her car and then accelerated up to hit a Byron Police vehicle.

The girl drove north on Highway 49 after a flat tire caused her to hit two witnesses. She also struck a police car. This was largely based on evaluations. She was able to drive down Highway 49 before officers could stop her and take custody.

Mugshots: Who’s Sierra Hibbert Warner Robins Ga After hitting a Byron police vehicle, a Georgia woman was arrested.

Sierra Hibbert, Warner Robins, GA was arrested for driving recklessly and hitting three Byron Police cars, an officer, two witnesses, and one of the officers. However, Sierra’s reserving photo has not been made public.

According to the division, neither the officers nor those who witnessed the events were seriously hurt. Police praised those who assisted in stopping positioning guests from being pushed off the street by police officers in Byron.

The Peach County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the current state of affairs. They also have control over the investigation and the case against Hibbert.

Sheriff Terry Deese reports that Hibbert was charged with six counts each of aggravated assault. She could be charged with one count of putting a child at risk depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Wikipedia has Sierra Hibbert.

Sierra Hibbert does not have a Wikipedia web page. There is also very little information on her life online. Hibbert was raised in Georgia. He was born in Warner Robins.

She may have had her daughter in the second seat together with her during the accident. The age of the teen was not known and he/she was not injured.

The officers caught up with her at the intersection of Highway 49. They partially stopped the SUV there and placed a Stop Stick underneath it to inflate the tires. They didn’t get along with her and she wouldn’t communicate with them.

Sierra Hibbert Twitter video

This unusual event was captured on a dashcam video and shared on Twitter. Hibbert initially refused to get out of his car. Bodycam video with audio. Then he spoke about “I didn’t do anything”, which was absurd.

She still says, “I didn’t do anything” or “I didn’t do whatever you’re talking about,” even though police and completely different people are telling her she almost killed people and damaged their cars.

The dashcam video shows what happens when Hibbert puts the SUV in reverse on July 15, and hits the car behind her. After hitting two witnesses, she drives forward and hits the SUV’s underside.

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