Who Is Ivy Schamis? Former Parkland Faculty Trainer Remembers Second Nikolas Cruz Murdered Two Of Her College Students

Who Is Ivy Schamis? Former Parkland Faculty Trainer Remembers Second Nikolas Cruz Murdered Two Of Her College Students

FLORIDA’S FORT LAUDERDALE Third day of Nikolas Cruz’s trial has begun. The confessed Parkland faculty shooter’s sentence for demise will be determined by the jury. On July 18, the 18th of July, the part that dealt with a penalty of Cruz’s trial’s opening remarks began. The jury’s verdict has to be unanimous in order to end his life after the trial, which is set to last for a number of months.

In his opening statement, the prosecutor Mike Satz referred to the filming as a “calculated systematically… mass murder.” He stated, “Three days earlier than to the taking of the photos, Cruz posted a video in which he said, “My identity is Nik. I’ll be the next shooter at a school in the year 2018. I’m planning to use an AR-15 as well as several tracer rounds in order to shoot a minimum of 20 participants. It could be a huge occasion, and you’ll recognize me when you come across me on the list of names. We’re all going to die and I’m eagerly awaiting.

Ivy Schamis, a college instructor, cried when she described how Cruz began to open the fire in her classroom, killing one of her classmates while they were learning about the Holocaust on 21 July on day 3 , of the trial. Her student, the talented athlete Nick Dworet, had simply asked a question at the time the bloodbath began.

What Is Ivy Schamis?

In the book The 74, Ivy Schamis was the instructor for a Holocaust history class in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She was a fan of drawing connections between the current situation and Nazi Germany and February 2018 was an introspective reminder that such evil still exists. According to Schamis’ account, the Holocaust’s principles were brought into the classroom on that day. “A complete hater entered the class, killing two classmates while we were discussing ways we can tackle the issue of the issue of hatred.”

Prior to the shooter firing his semi-automatic weapon through the glass that was on the door of her classroom The class was able to hear shots throughout the hallway on the first floor of the three-story construction. A tearful Schamis who was a teacher in the school for more than 17 years presented evidence at the trial “It was just a few seconds later when the rifle’s barrel AR-15 just swarmed the classroom.” The gun was immediately passed via the glass panel and began filming throughout. It made a loud noise. Really scary that shouldn’t be through this kept thinking of ideas.

The students bravely handled the situation by staying behind furniture and not fear of panicking, Schamis recalled. They both Dworet along with Helena Ramsay, every 17 years old, passed away eventually. After their photos were displayed to Schamis, she began crying. She broke down crying, “That’s my girl, Helena Ramsay.” “What an adorable boy Nicholas Dweart.”

Alex Dworet, the brother of Nicholas Dworet, was injury during the attack. On the 20th of July Alex Dworet, he admitted throughout his testimony “I remember feeling a sensation at the back of my head. It was it was a hot sensation. “I can feel the sensation slipping over my chest, and across to the side of my head.” Alex said, “I nevertheless didn’t want admit that it was a shotgun. I wanted to keep my cool.

On February 14 on the 14th of February, 2018 Cruz who was just 19 at the date, opened fire on his former faculty, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, killing 14 students from the college and three faculty members. Concerning his involvement in the shooting, he pleaded guilt to 17 charges of murder in the first degree on October 17, 2018.

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