What Is Tom Sturridge Sexuality – Is He Gay? Details About The Sandman Actor

What Is Tom Sturridge Sexuality – Is He Gay? Details About The Sandman Actor

English actor Tom Sturridge isn’t gay, and was seen these days kissing Alex Chung,

Tom is an English actor well-known for his parts in The Boat That Rocked and Being Julia.

The actor has received numerous nominations throughout his career. His performance in the Broadway play Orphans earned him a nomination. He was nominated for the Tony Award for best actor in an original play.

Is Tom Sturridge Gay or Lesbian? What is his sexuality?

Based on rumors that have been spreading, Tom may be gay. These rumors have no basis and Tom has not publicly acknowledged that he is gay.

Based on his past relationships, he has been romantically involved in various ways with women, but not with any men. According to reports, Sturridge was seen at Wimbledon 2022 with Alexa Chung, a model and television personality. The couple wasn’t the only ones there, as Sienna Miller (Sturridge’s ex) and Oli Green (her current affiliate), joined them.

According to some reports, he was also rumored to have dated Maya Hawke (his ex-girlfriend). After they were first seen together in the Hamptons in July 2020, it was thought that they were now in a relationship.

It was not clear that the couple had been romantically involved, even though they were hanging out together. Based on their interactions in the past, the actor is straight and clearly likes women.

Who are Tom Sturridge’s Parents?

Phoebe Nicholls, actress, and Charles Sturridge director had three children in Lambeth (London). Sturridge was one of them. His only sibling is. His only sibling is Matilda Sturridge, an actress.

His family has a long history in the leisure industry. This explains Tom’s desire to perform. His sister is a leisure worker, and drama runs in the family.

Sturridge is very close to his family and visits them incessantly even though he isn’t at work. Because they are close, he sees his sister incessantly.

What is Tom Sturridge’s Net Worth?

Tom’s net worth is $3 million. His performing profession has provided almost all of his income. Sturridge’s 1996 debut as an actor was his role as an infant actor in Gulliver’s Travels, the television adaptation that his mother and dad made.

It was announced that Sturridge would portray Dream in the Netflix version of The Sandman. Sandman author Neil Gaiman stated that he had seen “about fifteen hundred” actors compete for the title of Morpheus. However, he acknowledged that Sturridge was one of the most positive to be selected for the role from “the first 10 auditions.”

Sturridge has had a very stable performing career. He’s been on quite a few well-known TV programs and motion pictures. He’ll be making more appearances on TV and in movies over the next few days.

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