The most iconic sandwiches in America

Beef on Weck

The Beef on Weck, Western New York's version of the French Dip, is a delicious roast beef sandwich on an artisan kummelweck roll. It comes with a generous amount of horseradish and some jus to dip it in.


Torta de Adobada (spicy meat), milnesa (cutlet), or huevo (eggs), all topped with avocado, tomatoes, and peppers on a soft-roll - Los Angeles taco-stand fans know that if you are really hungry, this is the food you order to keep your stomach happy.

The Pimento Sandwich

Pimento sandwich is a hot sandwich made with pimento cheese and two slices of Texas toast. It's a classic sandwich that will make any grilled cheese look bad.


It's a delicious combination of Italian sliced meats, cheeses, and topped with a briny olive dressing. Sandwiched between huge round Sicilian sesamebread is the best.

Hot Brown

, it would be a mistake to take this delicious marriage of turkey bacon, Mornay sauce and turkey off this list.


Louisiana is featured on the second list with their Po' Boy, which gives Americans an ideal way to eat fried catfish and shrimp - on a French baguette with mayo, tomatoes and lettuce.

The Cuban

Let's not get too excited about us. The Cuban sandwich is actually a Florida invention. It was created by Ybor City or Tampa. The perfect combination of pulled pork, cheese, mustard and homemade pickles on a Cuban bread is the USA's. Mmmmmm.

French Dip

Los Angeles has a bitter debate about who invented the French Dip sandwich: Philippe or Cole's. Both are excellent, but Philippe’s French Dip is served already doused with au jus while Cole's offers it as a side dish for dipping.

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