Any and All Relevance in a Special Election Loss for Sarah Palin

SARAH PARLIN LOST Alaska's special elections to fill its lone Congressional Seat to Democratic challenger Mary Peltola Wednesday

spared the United States of sending the former Republican vice presidential nominee to Washington.

Peltola, a former state legislator, is the first Native American woman and first woman to represent the state at Congress.

She also becomes the first Democrat to do this since 1972. After serving the final months of Don Young's term, she will run for a full term in November.

(Young, who had been serving Alaska in Congress since 1973, died March at the age 88.

After the race was called , Peltola stated that "What's most important" is that he's an Alaskan and sent to represent all Alaskans

Although Alaska Native is part my ethnicity, I am much more than that.

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