Twitch Bits Guide: How Much Are They Worth & How To Buy Them

Twitch Bits Guide: How Much Are They Worth & How To Buy Them

While Youtube, as well as Facebook Gaming, have been driving the trend of live gaming streaming for a while, Twitch is still one of many people’s most preferred choices. While it’s not just one of the most popular live streaming services, it also provides users with ways to help their streamer various. Twitch Bits are one of these methods that offer only a little difference and innovation from the usual kind of donation. This information will give you all the details you require for Twitch Bits What are they, how to acquire them, and how to determine how much is their value.

What are Twitch Bits and How to Buy Them?

Bits are tiny amounts of tokens that are required to use across the platform for streaming. Because most streaming platforms do not have a donation account in place, you’ll be able of giving Bits. In addition, some streamers require Bits in lieu of direct contributions. For every 100 Bits you contribute, Twitch provides the Streamer 1dollar.


Twitch lets you cheer a streamer that could be accomplished using Twitch Bits. To cheer on Twitch all you need to do is enter “Cheer” in chat after which you will be able to determine the amount you wish to send. The greater your quantity Of Bits is, the more animated emotes or cheermotes can be observed.

If you’re looking for methods to purchase Twitch Bits go to the link mentioned then choose one of the many packages. In addition, you’ll be able of going to a particular streaming channel and choose from a variety of cheerleading options and give them away with Bits. You can buy the bundles by using Amazon Payments and Paypal.

What is their value? Bits to USD Calculator


Although it is true that the Bits can be valued at one Cent each but that’s not what the amount you’ll get for the acquisition. Twitch offers packages in the versions of 100 500 1, 1500, 10,000, 5000 and 25000 Bits, each one of which includes additional emoticons. While the actual value of 100 Bits is 1dollar but the real value is 1.40dollars. This is what Twitch earns. Although it keeps 40 cents from transactions for 100 Bits it gives 1dollar per Streamer. You can use the search feature in the graph below to find out the cost and value of Twitch Bits. These is the major Bits for USD calculation.

100 Bits1.00$1.40$
500 Bits5.00$7.00$
1500 Bits15.00$19.95$
5000 Bits50.00$64.40$
10000 Bits100.00$126.00$
25000 Bits250.00$308.00$

Do Twitch Bits Expire?


The answer is No. Although there’s no time limit or expiration date There is a limit on the amount you’re allowed to have at one period of time. You can’t keep more than 250,000 bits at a time. If you’re able to meet the maximum amount you’ll have the ability to help a streamer by donating the amount to them.

All you need to know from this information on Twitch Bits about what they are as well as the best ways to purchase them, and how they are worth it. If you’re here ensure you follow through our tutorials, strategies, and tips using Gamer Tweak.

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