Trixie Mattel And Kim Chi’s Twitter Drama Has Followers Anxious

Trixie Mattel And Kim Chi’s Twitter Drama Has Followers Anxious

Trixie Matttel, Kim Chi’s current Twitter drama has its followers puzzled as they are shocked when they discover that one thing is not right between the two.

Kim whose precise name is Sang-Young Shin, won the hearts of many viewers when she appeared on Episode 8 on RuPaul’s Drag Race. In addition, Trixie, whose precise identity has been identified as Brian Michael Firkus has moreover been on the show and has amazed everyone by her expertise.

The two have been able to separate their personal social media profiles and their current alternative had many people confused.

Trixie The Mattel and Kimchi’s Twitter drama are explored

On the 23rd of July Trixie posted on social media to express her displeasure with Kim. Although she didn’t provide specifics about what happened, however, it was clear that she wasn’t happy with the points.

The tweet read: “You love to play the victim while riding on a moral equine, but everybody can see through you. You’re not as smooth as you believe. I have receipts, and you’re the one who’s falling due to this” and has been tagged, Kim.

It wasn’t long before Kim came back and make contact with her in her post: “People do change after all. I’m not shocked. I am just dismayed. I’ll reveal the truth to everyone in the near future. Karma has a bad reputation, and that’s why you are too.”

Following Kim’s announcement, Kim revealed she was planning to take a break of social media and a few days in order to focus on her psychological well-being. But, she resurfaced here again and decided to take to Twitter about various problems.

Is the social media ruckus over?

It would be reasonable to think that, with Kim not commenting about what transpired the points would be back to normal. However, it appears Trixie has more to add.

A day after her famous Twitter post, Trixie decided to return again to Twitter and specifically her ideas in a tweet that stated she wanted to create” “burn books” in honor of Kim.

A Twitter user tweeted that “I’m eager to tell people who you are” While she was also tagging Kim. In addition, there was a photo that instructed: “this girl is the most awful skank I’ve seen. Don’t trust her. She’s a nasty sl*t.”

Fans are worried and are confused

It’s the first time that the pair have been fighting one another on social media, and this has left a lot of fans in a state of confusion. Many would like to know what happened that led to the Twitter feud that the duo had.

There are some who believe it could be a public event as well. Trixie and Kim are likely to be teaming up to launch an eye-makeup line. In the second instance, it’s difficult to determine the cause of the fact that the pair hasn’t disclosed any specifics. If we do discover something novel, we’ll change the story to keep you informed.

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