Make Your Pizza At Residence With This Easy Technique

Make Your Pizza At Residence With This Easy Technique

To make a delicious pizza at residence, you’ll make the dough and the toppings or sauce individually. 

Ingredients for the pizza dough are:


Warm water



Olive oil



For the pizza sauce, you’ll have:




Olive oil


Tomato paste


Minced meat

Rosemary leaves

Make small pieces of the onion, tomato, and pepper.

Put the minced meat in a pan and fry it.

Measure the flour and yeast and place them in a bowl.

Mix in milk, olive oil, and salt. Combine all ingredients. Mix the dry ingredients together with the warm water. Let the dough rise for about an hour by kneading it.

Knead the dough as quickly as possible and remove any air trapped in it. As soon as possible, cover it.

Heat pan, then adds olive oil. Fry the chopped tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

Seasoning, tomato paste, and minced meat, as well as rosemary leaves, should be added. Let it simmer for five minutes before removing it from heat.

To form a smooth shape, roll the dough out on a kitchen sheet. Place the dough on an oven tray.

Finally, place the cheese on top and bake in the oven.

Relax and enjoy your delicious pizza while you sip a chilled beverage.

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