Bam Bam Brown’s Girlfriend Allison Kagan Wiki: Married, Producer, Age, “Alaskan Bush People”, Net Worth

Bam Bam Brown’s Girlfriend Allison Kagan Wiki: Married, Producer, Age, “Alaskan Bush People”, Net Worth

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Who is Allison Kagan?

Allison Kagan was born in the United States of America, in the latter part of the Seventies and is an editor, producer photographer, director, and editor but perhaps most well-known for her connection to reality television personality Bam Bam Brown, who’s one of the celebrities of the reality television show currently aired “Alaskan Bush People”.

The Wealth of Allison Kagan

How wealthy is Allison Kagan? According to sources, as of late 2018, they report an estimated value of $80,000, derived from an enviable job in the business of leisure. Her net worth has been increased due to the popularity of Brown whose internet worth is $300,000. While she is working, it is expected that her fortune could continue to grow.

Bam Bam Brown’s Girlfriend Allison Kagan Wiki: Married, Producer, Age, “Alaskan Bush People”, Net Worth

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

There is a lack of information about Allison’s childhood as her life was not in the spotlight prior to her involvement with Brown. There isn’t any information available about her family, or the way she came to this place to work in the entertainment industry After graduating at the high school level, she was accepted into an academic program at the University of New York at Albany and completed a stage within Communications and Film. 

While at school she had a lot of sports events, and also competed as part of the Albany Women’s Rugby team. Albany Women’s Rugby membership. Her first job was in 1995 working for the information station WTEN in the capacity of the editor as well as data photographer and was employed in that capacity for two years. She was then employed by WFSB for an additional two years, before moving to WFXT where she worked for three years with the same function. 

Her next job could be at WNYW Fox 5 as a photographer and producer, based in New York City, where she was apparently enthralled enough to stay for seven years until the end of her time in 2010. While there she was awarded the Emmy Award in Educational Programming.

Transition to Entertainment

In the subsequent decades, Allison labored with diversified extreme profile networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and Sports Channel. In addition, she attempted to make documentaries for television as well as talk about displays and even actuality displays for networks like Lifetime, Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery, Bravo, and MTV. 

The year 2010 was the time she began to become a digicam operator at SiTV as well as worked in the production of the reality show named “Model Latina” and “True Life” in the course of the next year, she worked working on the series “Teen Mom 2”, developing her expertise in manufacturing real-time displays.

Then she quit SiTV and was hired at MTV Network. MTV Network as a senior producer. She also began creating segments that were produced by NBC Universal. She worked as a producer of the segment “16 and Pregnant” which ran for one year and then aired on “The Diamond Collar”. 

She was commissioned as a producer on “Caribbean Life”, and “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After” as well as also participated in the making of the TV movie “Submissive Wives”. One of her most important responsibilities could be in her work on the Discovery Channel when she was appointed as the senior space producer for the series “Alaskan Bush People”.

Bam Bam Brown’s Girlfriend Allison Kagan Wiki: Married, Producer, Age, “Alaskan Bush People”, Net Worth

Alaskan Bush People

“Alaskan Bush People” is an actual TV show that began airing on the Discovery Channel in 2014. It was originally filmed close to Hoonah, Alaska, and Chichagof Island but later moved into Washington State for the season in 2018. The show could be very popular, however, there has been criticism of it appearing to be fake and scripted. 

The actors in the show portray the Brown family that is advertised to have lived their lives away from the world and even spent many years alone. The Brown family has been known to travel all over the world of Alaska to construct non-permanent shelters, but later established a homestead located on Chichagof Island.

The family’s recognition and the present have led to only a handful of disputes and concerns that concern the Alaska Department of Revenue that came to light after stories circulated that claimed the Browns were not truly permanent residents of Alaska and were fraudulently claiming that they were assisted by the authorities. 

The investigation was confirmed because the Browns falsified documents to obtain money through the Permanent Dividend Fund over a time period of three years as a result of which two relatives were jailed for 30 days and tensions with federal authorities developed. The family’s matriarch, Ami Brown, was recognized as having the most cancers during the later seasons and the family had to relocate to California to receive treatment before settling down in Washington State.

Personal Life and Current Endeavors

In her private life, it’s been reported that Kagan is dating “Alaskan Bush People” star Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown who is the second oldest among the numerous Brown children. According to studies, the two began to become close while filming the episode, and they began a relationship. The couple was dining at a restaurant within Grand Central Station, and there are rumors that suggest that the couple had secretly been engaged all the way to New York.

There is a consensus that each of them is carrying wedding rings, but the family has remained silent and refused to talk about these speculations. The couple’s relationship has also been subject to controversy, and the relationship has been accused of being one of the causes for why the current relationship could be canceled. 

Since the beginning of their partnership, Allison quit the manufacturing division of the current company to avoid any lingering questions. She currently works in her position as Vice President of Development of Bad Kitty Ink, overseeing the production process within New York. She also spends her leisure time volunteering for the non-profit organization called “New York Cares”.

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